What wrinkles can Botox fix?

What wrinkles can Botox fix?

Botox cosmetic is a MAJOR contributor to aging gracefully.  This neurotoxin is used by men and women to treat stubborn wrinkling in common areas like between the brows, forehead, and crows feet.  It works by reducing the contractions that happen when you make certain facial expression and relaxing the underlying muscles of the face.

Today we’re going to focus on what wrinkles Botox can actually fix, or improve.  While most are aware of how great Botox is and may already be getting treatments done every 4-6 months, you may be shocked after reading this, the amount of areas you can actually treat with this game changing injection.  Some of the most common areas of treatment, as mentioned before, are the glabella (between the brows), the forehead, and the crows feet.  We also use Botox cosmetic to treat:

  • Bunny lines (wrinkling to the sides of the nose)
  • Upper lip
  • DAO’s (depressor angular oris) this is the area that pulls your mouth corners down, but don’t worry, Botox can defy gravity and turn that smile upward.
  • Under the nose to turn it upward as well
  • Neck (does a great job with treating platysmas bands and tightening the neck)
  • TMJ (a little Botox in the masseter muscle can soften the jawline and help with clenching)
  • Underarms (for reducing sweating)

Remember, Botox last for 4-6 months, so it does require continued treatments for continued improvement.   It also takes about 2 weeks for the full effects of Botox to kick in.  If you’re interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary consult today!  Call 910-256-4350 or email roset@wilmingtondermatologycenter.com

How much Botox do I need?

How much Botox do I need?  This is a very common question when it come to any neuromodulators.  The most common of these is Botox.  Botox is a small injection into movement muscles that stop the movement from happening, and in turn stops movement wrinkles from developing and, over time, staying.

Botox Cosmetic is used by men and women to treat stubborn frown lines—between the eyebrows, crow’s feet and other fine lines on the forehead and the lips –that tend to accumulate over time as a result of years of smiling and squinting.

While now, Botox is somewhat commonly known and talked about, a big question that comes in to play is how much Botox do I need to see results.  While there are a recommended number of units of Botox used in particular areas, this portion is somewhat customizable to what results you are looking for.  At WDC we are all about great results with a natural effect.  Our goal is not for you to be “frozen” and unable to move treated areas at all, but to simply use enough product to stop the wrinkle from forming.  Our providers can give you a quote based on a free consultation. Some practices quote based on an overall area, but Wilmington Dermatology Center bases cost on what is actually used. There is no question you are getting the best value. WDC is also the top Botox injector in all of southeastern NC, so you know you’re in good hands.

All in all, the cost varies on the severity of the wrinkling and the desired areas to be treated, hence the recommendation of coming in for a consultation.  We allow enough time to have the procedure done on the same day if desired, as we know your time is valuable.  Contact us today to schedule your consult!

It’s all about the eyes!

The eyes are one of the first places that people look when they’re meeting you, and let’s be honest, you want to make a lasting impression on them.  That’s where we come in!  We have a ton of options for products and treatments to help rejuvenate your eyes and restore the youthfulness.

One of our favorite treatments to soften the lines and wrinkles around the eyes, while giving them a little lift is Botox.  Botox is a neuromodulator that blocks the movement receptors enabling you to create the movement lines in the areas treated.  The results-a softened, smoother skin when you smile.  This, in combination with Latisee, the absolute best product for creating thicker and longer lashes, will give you an amazing youthful glow.  While lash extensions are always a great option for an event or everyday, they do take maintenance, so if you don’t have the time to keep up with them, Latisse is a great at-home product that actually works.

Don’t think you’re ready for Botox?  we have a ton of products that are great for on and around the eye areas to provide moisture and build collagen.  One of our favorites is our SkinMedica TNS eye repair.  All of the SkinMedica products are backed by actual science proving that they work, which is one of the reasons we love them.  One of our other favorite products for the eyes is our Revision DEJ cream.  DEJ eye cream provides intense moisturization for smoother skin texture. Advanced extracts, peptides and potent antioxidants work cohesively to create clinically proven results. 96% of subjects experienced an improvement in the look of fine lines, firmness and overall photo damage.  90% of subjects experienced an improvement in upper eyelid appearance.  This is one of our only products that is safe to use on the actual eyelid, which sets it apart from most other eye care products.

We are focusing on the eyes this month, so we have a number of specials on Botox, Latisse, and a ton of our products!  See the link below for full details.

April Savings!

Top Cosmetic Procedures for Spring!

Spring is here…and with Spring comes parties, festivals, and SUN! Everyone is looking to refresh after the chilly winter months, but there are things you should know about what procedures are appropriate for spring/summer and which one’s to avoid.

Since most of us don’t have that summer tan yet, now is an ideal time to get in your laser hair removal sessions! Get your bikini line, armpits, and legs treated for a low-maintenance bump-free summer! Laser hair removal typically takes 4-6 treatments with about 4-6 weeks in between each session.

Ulthera is another great treatment to do during the spring and summer. Ulthera uses ultrasound technology to give a lift to face, neck, and eyes without surgery. Also FDA approved to treat the wrinkles on the chest. There is minimal to no downtime with the procedure, and most importantly, no risk with sun exposure after the procedure. It does take a full 3 months to see the gradual results and collagen build-up, but the results are worth the wait!

Fillers,and Botox/Dyposrt are also great options to give you a glowing look for the spring season events. With quick results and no risk of side effects from sun exposure, we’ll have you wrinkle free and feeling great in no time.

Our Clear + Brilliant laser is a great option to give you a fresh glow.  Although it is a laser, this is one that is mild enough to do in the springtime.  This is more of a maintenance laser with minimal downtime (you may experience redness the day of the procedure) that can be added into your regimen to refresh and restart the skin, giving you a glowing and radiant look and feel!

Procedures to avoid with sun exposure are most lasers like the Fraxel laser and Medlite (for treatment of brown spots), and chemical peels. With these types of treatments the risk is usually not worth it. If you are exposed to the sun prior to these procedures, they have the potential to make the things you were aiming to make better, worse. So keep in mind before planning out your regimen for the spring what are great treatment options and what things to avoid. Remember we’re here to guide you, so don’t hesitate to scheduled a free cosmetic consult with our cosmetic coordinator, or one of our expert providers.

Botox: Go wrinkle free

Wrinkles result from a combination of many factors. It’s not just about cellular changes that can occur over time, reduction of collagen, or damage caused by free radicals in the sun and the environment. When you frown or concentrate, the muscles between your brows contract, causing your skin to furrow and fold. And when you squint, the muscles around your eyes contract and cause crow’s feet. Many may have heard of Botox, which is an injectable that works beneath the surface and treats the muscle activity that causes these wrinkles.  Both men and women today are using Botox as treatment for frown lines, forehead lines, and crows feet.  Over time, the results is the smoothing of skin in treated areas, leaving you wrinkle free!

What exactly is Botox? As a powerful neurotoxin that can ease overactive muscles, Botox was originally used by ophthalmologists to treat crossed or wandering eyes. After it was found to be effective in reducing wrinkles, the FDA later approved to be used as a cosmetic procedure in 2002. Botox Cosmetic, commonly referred to as Botox, is actually the popular brand name of the toxin developed by Allergan. Botox Cosmetic is cleared by the FDA to treat the frown lines between the eye brows and the crows feet or smile line adjacent to your eyes. Additional treatment areas on the face are considered off-label, but there are a number of other areas to safely place Botox to achieve a more youthful appearance.  Other toxins have been developed with slightly different formulations by other FDA cleared companies in the United States, such as Dysport and Xeomin.

I know I know…you’re asking what the bad part is?  The bad thing about Botox is that you’ll end up loving it!  While some injectables like filler last 6-24 months, Botox and other forms alike typically wear off within 4-6 months requiring additional treatments to maintain to smooth skin where wrinkles may be trying to form.

This month you and a friend can receive $50 off of a Botox treatment with a minimum purchase of 25 units. Here’s how to qualify!! If you are a WDC patient and ready for a Botox treatment, you can save $50 by bringing a friend that is NEW to Wilmington Dermatology Center. Your friend will also receive $50 off of their treatment with a minimum purchase of 25 units. No exceptions, the friend must be new to WDC. There are only 25 coupons for this special, so the first 25 to respond and schedule and appointment will receive this incredible savings!! You will also receive 200 Brilliant Distinction points with treatment. If you do not have a Brilliant Distinctions account, you can register on-line at BrilliantDistinctionsProgram.com. Call our office now to schedule, 910-256-4350 or email us at office@wilmingtondermatologycenter.com.

2016 Star Event

WDC is so excited to be having another big event to look forward to this year.  We are hosting our first annual WDC Star Event where we will be having an open house on March 16th from 5-9pm.  During this open house we will be featuring the latest treatments in our portfolio of non-invasive and same-day procedures, while preparing you for some of your spring events with the latest in fashion and clothing tips from Beanie and Cecil, Monkees, along with a Milner to help with your Garden Party hat selection!

Come with you friends and enjoy complimentary food and drink while we show you what exciting treatments we offer with live demos.  Meet one-on-one with one of our highly trained and board-certified providers to see if you may be a suitable candidate for one of our many procedures.

The best part….We’re offering our lowest prices for the year on cosmetic treatments  if you pre-pay during the event! Trust us, you won’t want to miss these discounts!

We will also be having treatment raffles that will directly benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Eastern NC.

Please contact our office if you have any further questions regarding the event. 910-256-4350. We hope to see you there!

Holiday Cosmetic Treatment Savings!

It’s that time of year again where the festivities and parties are right around the corner….the perfect time to get your party face on! Let us help you with looking your best this holiday season, while saving you some money with our holiday treatment specials! We’re having two cosmetic days on December 2nd and 3rd with amazing savings!

The quickest and easiest way to freshen up your look is with fillers and Botox/Dysport. We’ll help you soften deeper lines and wrinkles, add a little plumping where it’s aesthetically pleasing, and boost that confidence in a single visit. For those of you new to the game, when we are doing any sort of injection, there is always the risk of bruising…..so you want to make sure to have the treatment about two weeks prior to any event (just in case). While there is typically no bruising with the Botox and Dysport injections, there is always the risk with fillers. We have advanced injection techniques to reduce/minimize bruising, as well as, a number of things you can do prior to your visit to help! See the pre-treatment instruction HERE.

December Cosmetic Days!!! December 2nd and 3rd :

WDC is discounting all fillers, Botox and Dysport!! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save on your favorites for full facial rejuvenation!! Please call to schedule your appointment.

  • Botox $11 per unit with no minimums
  • Juvederm $50 off per syringe
  • Voluma $75 off per syringe, combine with 20 units of Botox, and save $100 per syringe!
  • Radiesse $50 off per syringe
  • Sculptra $50 off per syringe
  • Save $250 on Dysport treatment + any 2 syringes of Restylane Lyft or Silk
  • Save $350 on Dysport treatment + any 4 syringes of Restylane Lyft or Silk
  • Save $450 on Dysport treatment + any 6 syringes of Restylane Lyft or Silk
  • Not ready for Dysport? Then save $50 off each syringe of Restylane Lyft or Silk

Let is Glow!

We will also be extending savings through the month of December on Dysport, Restylane Lyft and Restylane Silk!! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

  • $250 off purchase of Dysport treatment and any 2 syringes of Restylane Lyft or Silk
  • $350 off purchase of Dysport treatment and any 4 syringes of Restylane Lyft or Silk
  • $450 off purchase of Dysport treatment and any 6 syringes of Restylane Lyft or Silk

Not ready for Dysport? Then save $50 off each individual syringe of Lyft or Silk. Also for Aspire members, save $20 off your next visit with every syringe purchased.



Botox: a quick and easy solution to brighten your eyes

Botox; many are very familiar with this little toxin that has changed lives across America.  What does it do exactly?  Botox Cosmetic (along with competitive neurotoxin Dysport) blocks the contractions of movement wrinkles, relaxing the underlying muscle of the face.  It is an amazing solution for around the eye area (crows feet) and relaxing your frown line, which some may refer to as your 11’s.  This quick and nearly painless solution for movement wrinkles, when done correctly, can be a simple step to your desired full facial rejuvenation.

While a ton of people are now performing the Botox and Dysport procedures, it is so important to make sure that you are going to an experienced licensed professional.  There are a number of tell tale signs when Botox is not performed correctly, like the infamous spock brows, or perhaps, a dropped heavy brow.  While both are things that can happen with Botox, it is important that you go to someone who also knows how to manage these things when they happen.  Wilmington Dermatology Center is a Black Diamond Account with Allergan the maker of Botox, representing the top 2% of practices in the nation by volume. We are also recognized as not only the top Wilmington NC Botox injectable account in the area, but also in southeastern North Carolina. Through our experience we have become experts at giving our patients a natural ,yet results driven treatment.

Feel free to contact our office to setup a free consult with our cosmetic coordinator to customize a treatment plan for you!

Also, don’t forget about our Kybella Lunchtime Event on July 23rd where we will be discussing the newest and only procedure on subnormal or double-chin reduction without surgery!  Call our office to reserve your spot today!


The Importance of the upper face and eyes

While last month our focus was on the mouth and lip area, this month we want to take it up a notch…to the upper face and eyes.  The eyes and upper face are one of the first things people look at when they meet you and we want to make sure you leave a lasting impression.

There are a number of things that you can do to help the appearance of the upper face, without going under the knife.

One the first and easiest options is of course, Botox.  Botox can give the upper face and eyes a temporary lift, as well as smooth out the movement wrinkles to soften any harsh lines.  It can be used to treat the crows feet area, frown line, and forehead giving you an overall relaxed and rested look.  At WDC we believe in what we like to call mini Botox.  We want you to appear relaxed, rather than frozen, but still make those pesky movement lines go away.

Another great option for the upper face are fillers. One of our favorite fillers to use in the upper face and cheek area is Voluma.  When strategically placed, Voluma can restore the plumpness and youthfulness in your cheek area and lasts up to 2 years.  There are other filler options that can help improve the under eye area as well, helping the hollowness and darkness that sometimes develops over time.

We also can’t forget about Ultherapy.  Ultherapy treatment on the upper face can give you a permanent lift, without any cutting.  It is a great option if you aren’t ready to see the plastic surgeon and are looking for a lasting solution.

If you aren’t ready to have any procedures done, don’t forget about one of our favorite products for lash extending, Latisse.  We also carry a great selection of eye creams from extra protectant products to moisturizing!

On July 15th and 16th Enjoy two days of savings on your favorite cosmetic treatments for the upper face and eyes!

  • Botox $11 per unit with no minimums
  • Dysport $75 off of treatment (limited number of certificates)
  • Juvederm $50 off per syringe
  • Voluma $75 off per syringe, combine with 20 units of Botox, and save $100 per syringe!
  • Restylane Silk – The treatment lips and lines have been longing for! Receive a FREE Glo Minerals Lip Revival with purchase!
  • Latisse BOGO – Get a FREE Latisse 3ml kit for every 5ml kit you buy and earn 150 BrilliantDistinction points for each 5ml kit you purchase!! Purchase limit is three 5ml kits.

Not sure if any of these procedures are for you?  Call our office today to setup a free consult with our cosmetic coordinator.  We are also launching our new procedure in the month of July, Kybella.  The first and only procedure to treat the double-chin area.

PA Appreciation Week=FREE BOTOX

That’s right, you’re reading this correctly…WDC is having a physician’s assistant appreciation week from June 15th-June 19th.  During this week, if you schedule a Botox or Filler appointment with one of our amazing Physicians’s Assistants (who are all highly trained by Dr. Roz herself) then you will recieve FREE Botox.

Fillers and Botox are both an integral part of achieveing full facial rejuvenation.  Botox Cosmetic is used by men and women to treat stubborn frown lines—between the eyebrows, crow’s feet and other fine lines on the forehead and the lips –that tend to accumulate over time as a result of years of smiling and squinting. Fillers are used in many ways from filling in lines that have created a permanent spot in certain areas of your face, to enhancing the volume that is lost over time.

Here are the specifics on our FREE Botox offer:

* Purchase a minimum of 25 units of Botox and receive an additional 15 units FREE! A $180 value! Great for full facial correction.


* Purchase Juvederm or Voluma and receive 15 units of FREE BOTOX! A $180 value!! Great for volume loss and correction!

** Limited to the first 20 patients!! Don’t be left out of this amazing offer. Call 910-256-4350 to schedule or email us office@wilmingtondermatologycenter.com