How To Tighten Up Sagging Neck Skin with Ulthera

What are my options for tightening the skin under my neck?

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to tighten the skin under your neck without surgery and extensive downtime?  Well we have the treatment of the season to do just that… Ultherapy.  This non-invasive procedure is the only FDA approved treatment to actually lift skin under your neck.  A favorite of our patients, Ultherapy can lift and tighten the lose skin under your neck, getting rid of what many refer to as the “turkey neck.” This is why Ultherapy is our treatment pick of the fall, leave the turkey neck for the bird and give thanks to Ultherapy this holiday season!

3 Things you Should Know About Ulthera

  1. The Skinny. Ulthera treatments are a non-invasive, laser-free, surgery-free, injection-free way of tissue lifting using ultrasound technology.  It works by delivering ultrasound energy non-invasively and selectively into the dermal layer.  Over time, weak collagen is reorganized and strengthened with the growth of new collagen, which tightens and lifts the skin.
  2. The Benefits.  A lifted and toned appearance after just one treatment.  Ultherapy is natural, non-invasive and requires little to no downtime.  For those of us not ready for surgery, Ultherapy is the perfect alternative.
  3. It’s Not Just for the Neck.  Ultherapy is great for the turkey neck but also FDA approved for other hard to treat areas including skin under the chin, along the jaw line, and on the brow.

Ask our staff at Wilmington Dermatology Center to learn more about whether Ultherapy is right for you and schedule a free consultation.  Trust the experts in Ultherapy treatments, WDC was the first to introduce Wilmington to Ulthera and was the top volume provider in all of North Carolina in 2012.

Expert Advice: Does LATISSE Really Work?

Many of our clients ask us, “Does Latisse really work?” our answer is always a resounding yes! …What exactly is Latisse®? Simply put, Latisse® is a prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker. When used correctly, our patients have had fabulous success with ah-inspiring results. This is why its one of our favorite product picks for the fall season; a time when everyone wants to put their best face forward during the roll out of holiday parties and festive celebrations galore.

3 Reasons Why We Like Latisse® 

  1. Who Doesn’t Love Full, Long Lashes? Over the years, women have been plastering on fake lashes, painstakingly scouring the aisle for the “Best” mascara out there, and sitting patiently in a chair for eyelash extensions. So it should be no wonder why we like Latisse®. Within 4 weeks you see length, within 8 weeks you see fullness, and by the 16th week you have your full, show stopping results.
  2.  It’s Not Complicated. No one has time for complicated skin care regimes (no one), so we cheer for the simplicity of incorporating your Latisse® application into your nightly routine. It’s a simple -1xday- application. Hassle free goodness!
  3. It’s FDA Approved. Here at WDC, clinical research and safety are always our top priorities. Although Latisse® may not be for everyone, we love its success amongst our patients and value the plethora of information available for patients looking to learn more, this is key to a great product pick.

So there it is, although Latisse® is not permanent, it is a fantastic option for someone looking for fuller, longer and darker lashes with proven results. Please ask any of our medical staff here at Wilmington Dermatology Center for more information on this product pick, we’re always up for sharing information on all our WDC products and services. And don’t forget all during the month of November we will have big savings on Latisse.  Buy two 5ml latisse kits and receive a free 3ml kit, valued at $120.

Facial Laser Treatments, Ideal for the Fall – Fraxel

What treatments are best for addressing anti-aging?

The science behind anti-aging lasers are no mystery!   Fractionated lasers are the gold standard option that penetrate the skin’s top layer where light energy then stimulates collagen and works to resurface that top layer of skin.  Your skin’s natural rejuvenation process will smooth wrinkles and scars by stimulating collagen over time.

Here at WDC we have two exclusive gold standard laser options to accommodate our patient’s needs.

The Fraxel® Dual platform we use at WDC is great for correcting age factors and damage such as age spots, sun spots, melasma, acne scarring, fine lines and pore size.  Our patient’s love that they see results after just one treatment! The Fraxel is your corrective laser and best for those who are looking for dramatic changes to their skin.  But be sure to plan ahead when scheduling as you will have downtime.

If you have a busy schedule that won’t accommodate downtime don’t worry, the Clear + Brilliant system is for you!   Built to be a “Mini Fraxel” this system provides a unique treatment that refreshes your skin from the inside out.  Clear + Brilliant treatments leave our patients with improved tone and texture and reduced pigmentation and pore size.  If you are looking to do more than a chemical peel, without the hassle of downtime, the Clear + Brilliant system is your solution.

Why is Fall the perfect time?

The Fall is the ideal season to start your Fractionated Laser treatments!  Following laser treatments your skin is very sensitive and sun exposure can aggravate your skin.  Waiting for the fall months when the days are shorter and the sun is less intense is beneficial for these post-procedure precautions.  Dr. Rosalyn George and the staff at Wilmington Dermatology Center are happy to assist you in planning and scheduling your fall fractionated laser appointment.