May Specials you won’t want to miss!

May is the beginning of summer and we all know that summertime brings on the parties, weddings, and cookouts! While we try to avoid things like lasers in the summer due to risks with sun exposure, it is the perfect time to focus on the other fun stuff that gives you an instant boost and sends you home feeling like a refreshed and younger you.

We are having special savings for the month of May on some of our top injectable products. These procedures are some of the essential steps on your quest for full facial rejuvenation and are perfectly safe to do during the sunny summer months….just make sure you don’t have an upcoming event too close to your appointment, since there is always the potential for bruising when we are doing these injections.
Botox – $11.25 a unit
Juvederm – $50 off per syringe
Voluma – $75 off per syringe, or combine with 25 units of Botox and receive $100 of per syringe!!
KYBELLA & BOTOX special – Save $100 on a Kybella
treatment for the “double chin” OR Save $200 on both Kybella and a 25 unit Botox Cosmetic treatments when administered at the same appointment.

Also, a special savings for the entire month of May – Restore a more youthful appearance to your hands with the instant volumizing effects of Radiesse. Schedule a Radiesse treatment this month for your hands and instantly receive $50 off your treatment.

Call our office to schedule! 910-256-4350 or email us at

Make your lips look great

Since we’ve been having amazing discounts on our lip products for the month of May, we’re going to continue to discuss other things that you can do to help make your lips look and feel great!

The first step to making your lips look great is protection protection protection. Using any over the counter the counter sun protecting chapstick will protect your lips from any further damage from the sun. Some of our top picks are Soleil suncare SPF30 and Banana Boat Sport Performance. While protecting yourself from further damage is important, so is repairing damage that has already been done. One of our favorite products to treat the already damaged lips is our SkinCeuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair. This lip repair helps improve environmental damage, while smoothing and refining the lips surface.  It helps attract and retain water to rejuvenate, reshape and replenish lip tissue while alleviating dryness and tightness.

The next thing WDC recommends for a luscious pout is our Glo Minerals lip revival. It’s formulated to create fuller, smoother lips. This treatment is rich in active ingredients designed to increase hydration and collagen production while causing a significant volumizing effect. We love that you get the moisture needed for a smoother lip, while re-gaining some desired volume as well.

Lastly, we love to top it all off with our favorite moisturizing lip gloss by Glo Minerals. We carry a number of colors to suit all skin tones and personalities giving you that extra pop of color to show off your pucker.

Don’t forget, we’re bundling our SkinCeuticals Lip Repair and Glo Minerals lip-gloss with any Restylane Silk Purchase on our cosmetic days we are also offering 20% off all lip products this month.