Clear + Brilliant: Get the Glow!

If finding a summertime glow without baking yourself in the sun, is something that appeals to you, our Clear + Brilliant light laser procedure may be just what you’re looking for! When it comes to our skin, we all want to hold onto that youthful feel as long as we can. That’s exactly what Clear + Brilliant can do for you.

The Clear + Brilliant system is designed to deliver powerfully precise laser energy to stimulate a refreshing boost. It is a light laser technology that is used to compliment your skincare regimen by giving skin a radiant youthful glow.

Clear + Brilliant:

  • Is safe, non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Is a gentle, revolutionary treatment that fights the natural effects aging has on skin
  • Helps improve tone and texture and gives skin a radiant, youthful glow
  • Creates a more even skin canvas, with reduction in the appearance of pores
  • Is a perfect complement to individual beauty and lifestyle regimens

Depending on your individual skincare goals, Clear + Brilliant is usually a series of procedures (4-6) to rejuvenate your skin enhancing your natural glow. A typical appointment is about 45 minutes. We apply a topical anesthetic prior to treatment, to make patients more comfortable. After the procedure you can expect to be red for a couple of hours, but the redness typically subsides by the next day. The following day, your skin will feel sandpaper like, although only noticeable to touch. Makeup can be worm immediately following the procedure with no restriction other than sun protection, of course! It’s the perfect procedure to fit into your regimen-quick, easy, and no downtime.

Since this is a mild laser procedure, one of the best things about it, is that there are no restrictions for treatment in the summer months. A great summertime pick-me- up! Call our office for additional information if you think you may be interested! 910-256-4350.

Solutions To A Sublime Glow This Fall – Chemical Peels, Facials

Once fall rolls around, we tend to see many patients looking for quick, simple fixes to shedding their summer’s sun kissed skin and putting their best face forward for the holiday season. So, what’s our dermatology solution to getting healthy, glowing skin? Chemical peels, micro dermabrasion and exfoliating facials of course!  These are quick, effective treatments that shed away summer’s signs of a bit too much sun (and a heck of a lot of fun), that leave you gorgeously glowing for all the upcoming holiday festivities at hand. It’s a savvy solution to many of our WDC patients’ queries. The best part is, you have a spa experience in expertly trained hands. Below are some common patient inquiries, and our WDC solution, a simple equation that makes a whole lot of (beauty) sense to us. See you soon!

Scenario + Solution = Sublime Skin

“I want a crash course on a new skin regime, a tranquil treatment, and squeaky clean skin.” Our Solution: A Custom Facial.

Who doesn’t love a facial? This relaxing treatment is perfect for someone who wants a skin analysis and professional instruction all custom packaged for their skin. These hour+ facials leave your skin brilliantly clean, hydrated and stress free. Sublime.

“My skin feels grainy, like it needs a deep exfoliate for a glow. But I am hesitant on chemicals, as I’ve only had a facial before.” Our Solution: Microderm & Dermablade Facials

A Microderm facial is a deep exfoliating treatment that finely buffs away old skin, leaving you with a smooth texture and show-stopping glow on your skin. A dermablade facial provides the same experience by removing the top most layer of skin manually, and is a great option for someone with sensitive skin. It gently exfoliates the skin and removes fine facial hair as well. Superb.

“My skin simply looks dull and I want to get rid of that sun spot that just popped up. I want it to look more youthful all around.” Our Solution: A Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are a great solution to “peeling back” some layers of old skin effectively and providing glowing results. At WDC, one of our expertly trained aestheticians can gladly help you determine the varying degree of the peel and your skin goals at hand. Superficial, medium and deep peels are available. From the improving fine wrinkles and sun damage, to treating hyper pigmentation and precancerous lesions, to more aggressive results, these varying degrees of peels are a perfect solution to leave your skin radiant and youthful. Show-stopping.