Express Facial

Even if your time is at a premium, you can still enjoy the benefits of a shortened version of our full facial. This introductory facial includes all the necessities of cleansing and toning with a customized mask. 1 hr – $70.00

Custom Facial

Your facial will begin with a complete skin analysis. This relaxing facial is designed around your specific needs. The facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, serums and a custom mask. Enjoy this relaxing facial and rejuvenate your skin. 1 hr 15 minutes – $100.00

Microderm Facial

An exfoliating treatment that smooths out the texture and pigment of the skin. This treatment leaves the skin feeling healthier and younger. 1hr 30 minutes – $135

Dermablade Facial

A form of manual exfoliation that removes the top most layer of the skin, thus removing skin imperfections while also removing facial hair. The treatment produces a smoother skin texture and more clear complexion. 1hr 15 minutes – $130

Micropeel Facial

Your treatment includes a relaxing custom facial, personalized towards your specific skin type, then followed by a light peel. 1hr 15 minutes- $150

Ultimate Skin Treatment

This complete treatment is customized for your specific skin type and concerns. The treatment will include all the benefits of the custom facial, along with either one of the following: a light chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or a dermablade treatment. The ultimate skin session is then finalized with either a Bio-Therapeutic LED light therapy with mask or an Oxygen treatment. 1 hr 30 minutes – $165

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work by removing the outer layers of your skin damaged by the sun, aging and environmental conditions. The specific peel required to meet your skin goals will be determined by our Aesthetician and our providers. Superficial, medium and deep peels are available. Superficial peels are less painful, do not require downtime and result in subtle changes. They are used to improve acne scars, sun damage and fine wrinkles. Medium peels treat discolored skin, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and precancerous lesions. Redness of the skin can last for 1-2 days with this level of peel. Deeper, more aggressive peels address long term sun damage, scarring and many of the areas addressed by the other available peels. Deeper peels result in significantly more redness for longer durations.

Eyelash Extensions

Synthetic lashes are applied to each individual eyelash to create volume and length. Full Set: $250; Fill-In: $75

Waxing and Brow Shaping

Remove unwanted hair with a custom wax treatment. Obtain the shape that best fits the contour of your face and body. Prices start at $15.

Brow and Lash Tinting

Achieve the color of your choice on your brows and lashes with tinting. Prices start at $25.

Our Aestheticians: Donna Maccalupo, Julie Taddei and Nicole Stowe.

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