Resurfacing & Rejuvenation

Years of sun damage, environmental factors and general aging can take a toll on your skins tone, texture, and overall appearance. Now for the good news, advancements in laser technology and micro-needling now provide proven methods to make meaningful improvements to your skin. Unlike an ablative C02 laser, the fractionated technology options offered at WDC with the Fraxel Dual® and Clear+Brilliant provide a safe and effective treatment with uniform delivery of energy. Introduced first in Wilmington and exclusively at WDC, the Fraxel Dual and Clear+Brilliant® offer our patients a wide array of effective cosmetic procedure options address everything from sun damage and pigmentation to tone, texture, and improving age lines and scarring.  As an alternative to laser based procedures such as Fraxel Dual which have limitations when we can treat during the year, we are excited to offer the INFINI procedure which combines the power of micro-needling and radio frequency to achieve collagen stimulation and skin tightening.  The INFINI procedure can be performed all year long with minimal downtime compared to some laser based treatments.   The Collagen PIN also offered as an alternative to laser treatments is a great advancement from prior needling techniques of the past. If you are looking to achieve smoother fresher looking skin, improve tone and texture, or erase fine lines, wrinkles, or even minimize the appearance of scars, contact our experienced staff today to setup a free consultation.

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