Essential IV

Essential IV was developed by Dr. Rosalyn George at Wilmington Dermatology Center to provide IV hydration services for those looking to recover more quickly from common causes of dehydration like intense workouts, travel, sicknesses, hangovers, you name it! Our experienced staff is here to help you get your body back to HYDRATED.

Essential IV located within the offices of Wilmington Dermatology Center has developed a custom set of IV’s to address common dehydration causes. Each of the custom IV’s contains a mix of important electrolytes, vitamins and certain medications where applicable. To learn more about each IV visit the Essential IV links below

Each IV treatment takes approximately 1hr and is performed in a private room where you can relax, watch Netflix and enjoy the benefits of immediate hydration. To book online or learn more visit Essential IV today. Office hours for Essential IV vary from those of Wilmington Dermatology Center so check the Essential IV site out today.

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