Skin Care

Over time, chemicals, our environment, and natural aging can cause our skin to appear older and unhealthy because of clogged pores, dullness, pigmentation, wrinkles, loose skin and a rough texture. Various aesthetic treatments are available that provide the benefits of exfoliation, detoxification and hydration, not to mention relaxation. In addition to these beneficial and relaxing treatments, following an advanced skin care regimen keep your skin in shape today and for years to come.  From the latest in serums to amazing sunscreens, our practice carries some of the most advanced and effective products available.

At Wilmington Dermatology Center we offer a variety of treatments to rejuvenate your skin, including customized facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermablading, eyelash extensions and waxing. Dr. George, in conjunction with our licensed aestheticians Donna Maccalupo, Julie Taddei and Nicole Stowe can come up with a plan and treatment right for you.  Our cosmetic coordinator Caroline is also available for free consultations to discuss the right skincare regimen for your skin and any recommended treatments.

Available Skin Care Treatments and Products


Our world of fillers and non-surgial cosmetic options are constantly coming out with new innovative technology. This has been an amazing thing for those of us not interested in going under the knife, or maybe not quite there yet, but it can also make it very confusing...
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Full Facial Rejuvenation from the top down

Full facial rejuvenation is the ongoing goal and topic of cosmetic consultations across the world. Where we used to focus on certain areas of improvement to the face, we now have so many tools in the toolbox to choose from, that our focus has adjusted to a more subtle...
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CoolMax for Coolsculpting!

We’ve been talking about it for a while, but we can’t stop because we are so happy with the results we’ve been seeing from the new and upgraded Coolsculpting! We’ve had many years of experience with the Coolsculpting technology, since we were the first to introduce it...
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Save the turkey neck for the turkey

Now that Halloween is behind us, the holidays are coming in full force.  It’s time to start getting ready for Thanksgiving around the corner, and we want to make sure there is only one turkey at the table! Today we want to focus on one of our all time favorite...
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Top 8 Things to know about Laser Hair Removal

The Fall weather is finally here, which means long pants, a cozy sweater and our favorite fall boots! In the world of Dermatology it also means….laser season! It’s the time of year where, as long as we aren’t doing any tropical vacationing, laser procedures are a go....
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