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Conditions of Registration and Financial Policy

The following are our conditions of registration as well as our policies with respect to the billing and collections of your account. By signing below, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms.


Payment is due in full at the time service is provided in our office.


We will bill Medicare on your behalf. As a courtesy, we will also bill secondary insurance carriers on your behalf. You are responsible for all co-insurance payments.


All co-payments and deductibles are due at the time of service. We will bill insurance carriers on your behalf if we have a current contract with the carrier. Please be advised that your agreement with your insurance carrier is a private one and that ultimately, you are responsible for payment. If an insurance carrier has not paid a claim within 60 days of billing, our fees are due and payable from you. Our office will always strive to help you obtain the maximum possible coverage. It is, however, the patient’s ultimate responsibility to determine the extent of coverage allowed by the insurance company.

In addition, preauthorization of a procedure is not a guarantee for payment. Any procedure may be considered not covered under the terms of your agreement with your insurance company. Your insurance carrier will make a determination of payment once the claim is received and reviewed. If after the claim is reviewed and it is determined by your insurance company that the procedure is not covered (cosmetic or not medically necessary), you will be financially responsible to Wilmington Dermatology Center, PLLC for the charges and will be billed for those services not covered by your insurance company.


A biopsy procedure may be performed in our office to assist in diagnosing your skin condition. Biopsies are submitted by Wilmington Dermatology Center (WDC) to a 3rd party board certified dermatopathology provider independent from WDC. The dermatopathology company evaluates the biopsy via microscope and returns a diagnostic interpretation. The act of evaluating your biopsy, performing any testing, and returning a report of their findings is directly billed by the pathology company to you or your insurance, not by WDC. We follow the approach approved by the American Academy of Dermatology for pathology billing, which eliminates any conflicts of interest and avoids any markups that would benefit the dermatologist if they billed for these external services.


Any care not paid for by your existing insurance coverage will require payment in full at the time services are provided or immediately upon notice of insurance claim denial.


In fairness to other patients and the doctor, we require at least 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment. You may be charged $50.00 for each appointment that was missed or not canceled with 24 hour notice. Missing more than two appointments without providing 24 hours notice is grounds for discharge from the practice.


There will be a fee of $25.00 charged by this office for each check returned to us by your bank.


In the event your account is referred to a collection agency or attorney for collection, you agree to pay all collection fees, attorney fees, court costs, and expenses.


Notice of Privacy Practices

*A copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices can be found on our web site, here

Skin Care Questionnaire

Facial Goals: Select your area(s) of concern and identify the location in the space provided.

Body Related Goals: Select your area(s) of concern and identify the location in the space provided.


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